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Brummana High School was founded in 1873 by Theophilus Waldmeier, a Swiss Quaker missionary, who first came to Lebanon in 1867 and was appointed as inspector of schools in Beirut, the mountains of Lebanon, and Damascus. In 1873, he came to Brummana and took charge of the Quaker Girls School. In the following year, he bought Birket El Ghanam (20,000 square yards of property), changed its name to Ayn Essalam, and was authorised by its owners, the Friends’ Syrian Mission, to build the Training Home for Boys, which is now Brummana High School.

Education in Brummana High School was, and still is, based on principles of the Society of Friends or Quakers, as they are commonly known. These principles stress non-political, non-discriminatory and non-racial values, promote the spirit of service, and encourage the pursuit of higher standards through enlightened methods.

Furthermore, the fundamental Quaker belief that there is something of God in every man requires the school to prepare its students intellectually and practically, while instilling in them the spirit of service so that, upon graduation, they become well-equipped to serve their communities. The school does not indulge in missionary activity, and students' own religious beliefs are never challenged or looked down upon. Teachers from outside the Society of Friends are expected to be in sympathy with the Society of Friends' principles and to teach accordingly, particularly emphasizing moral values, intellectual excellence, self-reliance, and respect for the individual.

Since the foundation of Brummana High School, its old scholars have supported the school unconditionally.

Below is a list of all the administrators and principals who have managed the school since its inception.

Mr. Theophilus Waldmeier 1873-1878 Mr. Roderick Grosvenor 1962-1968
Dr. Bechara Manasseh 1878-1880 Mr. Barty Knight 1968-1975
Mr. Lutfallah Rizkallah 1880-1895 Mr. Robert Hudson 1975-1977
Mr. Thomas Little 1895-1908 Mr. Cyril Harvey 1977-1978
Mr. Daniel Oliver 1908-1911 Mr. Alex Goodwin 1978-1982
Mr. Case Bocca 1911-1913 Mr. Alan Rowland 1982-1984
Mr. Marchel Fox 1913-1914 Mr. Naim Baroud (Acting Principal) 1984-1986
Dr. Tanios Manasseh 1914 Mr. Elie Sawaya 1986-1991
Mr. Marchel Fox 1914-1928 Mr. Naim Baroud (Acting Principal) 1991-1993
Mr. Robert Davidson 1928-1930 Mr. Shukri Husni 1993-1994
Mr. Christopher Naish 1930-1936 Mrs. Nora Younes (School-Coordinator) 1994-1996
Mr. John Turtle 1936-1946 Mr. Sami Cortas 1996-1997
Dr. Kenneth Clay 1946-1948 Mr. Bahige Nassar 1997-1998
Mr. Herbert Dobbing 1948-1957 Mr. Tim Agerbak 1998-2001
Mr. Duncan Campbell 1957-1962 Dr. Walid El Khoury 2001-2019
Mr. David Gray 2019 - Present

Brummana High School is a coeducational day and boarding school, which bases its educational philosophy and methods on the Quaker ethos. Today BHS is locally managed, offering the Lebanese Baccalaureate programme and the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) programme. BHS is also a candidate school for the International Baccalaureate Diploma (IB) programme and is pursuing authorization as an IB World School.

BHS seeks excellence in academic life, and in the arts and sports, while promoting integrity amongst faculty and students, regardless of religion, gender, culture, colour or social status. The school prepares the students in a comprehensive manner for the adult world. Besides imparting information and knowledge, it aims to develop students’ intellectual curiosity and critical thinking, and encourages them to achieve their cultural, physical, and artistic potential.

BHS nurtures self-reliance, cooperation, friendship, non-violence, honesty, simplicity and compassion. Above all, it develops in the students the ideals of service, in accordance with the school motto: “I SERVE”.

For more information, visit the Brummana High School website.

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