Historical Overview

The first BHS Old Scholars Meeting took place in the presence of its founder, Theophilus Waldmeier. These meetings were held regularly until they were suspended due to wars and/or foreign occupation.

The OSA was able to resume its periodic meetings.

The Old Scholars Library, located in the Thomas Little Memorial Hall (now part of the Meeting House), was inaugurated. This was a great achievement by the old scholars as the library was used extensively by a large number of VIP visitors and Brummana residents.

The OSA was officially re-registered at the Ministry of Interior under Decree No. 176, in accordance with the laws pertaining to non-profit and non-governmental organizations (NGOs).

The objectives of the OSA are to:

  • connect BHS old scholars together for mutual benefit
  • strengthen the relationship between old scholars and the school, and support the school to maintain its excellence
  • spread the school’s ethos for the benefit of mankind and the advancement of society
  • assist outstanding needy students who have a good conduct record

The OSA activities were once again hindered by the Lebanese civil war.

As a result of the prevailing hostile activities in Lebanon, many old scholars, especially the younger generation, moved to neighboring countries. Many of them settled in the Gulf region, and consequently, many reunion meetings with old scholars and teachers were held in these areas, specifically in Bahrain, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

The cessation of hostilities in Lebanon gave old scholars the opportunity to regroup and reactivate their meetings in Lebanon.

Under the presidency of the late Mr. Albert Rizk and Vice-President Mr. Khaled Saab, a meeting was held at Dobbing Hall with the idea of globalizing the OSA and setting up international chapters. Accordingly, various chapters were formed in the Gulf, the Levant, Europe and the Americas.

In May, the newly active association was, unfortunately, saddened by the sudden loss of its President, Mr. Albert Rizk. The Vice-President, Mr. Khaled Saab, took over and remained President until 23 November 1999.

Under his presidency, the first BHS OSA International Convention took place in July. The first issue of the OSA Yearbook was published on this occasion, and this has continued ever since. The Yearbook features news and advertisements, as well as articles written by members. It is supported by colleague advertisers and is the heartbeat of the association.

The Science Block and the computer labs were rebuilt and modernized to facilitate administrative improvement and educational studies. The first floor of the Science Block was extended, and the two existing floors were refurbished and re-equipped. All these developments were made possible by contributions received from old scholars everywhere. We recognize and are grateful for the generous contributions made, in particular, by Sheikh Walid Juffali, Sheikh Khaled Juffali, Sheikh Mohammad AlHamrani, Mr. Lutfi Al Mulla, and Mr. Ramzi Nuseibeh.

1999 – November
Mr. Fayez Bizri was elected President of the OSA and remained in office until November 2004.

The refurbishment of the Meeting House and the paving of the surrounding area were accomplished thanks to the generosity of Sheikh Walid Juffali.

2004 – November
Dr. Elias Shammas was elected President of the OSA, and he remained in office until November 2010.

2010 – November
Mr. Fayez Bizri was elected as President again and stayed in office until December 2013.

Mr. Nazih Khattar ’66 was elected as president of the OSA and continues to serve in this capacity until now.

2018- June
The new OSA Administrative Committee was elected in accordance with the OSA Articles and Bylaws, signed by the Minister of Interior.

2018- July
During the first Administrative Committee meeting, Mr. Nazih Khattar ‘66 was reelected as President of the Association, Mr. Naji Chakhtoura ’92 as Vice-President, Ms. Emily Kanaan Salem ’82 as Treasurer and Mr. Shadi Assal ’97 as Secretary.

2018- August
During the OSA Administrative Committee meeting held in August 2018. and in accordance with the Association’s three-year business plan, the following committees were formed.
  • 1. Yearbook
  • 2. Communication & Membership
  • 3. Fundraising
  • 4. Sports
  • 5. Events
  • 6. Scholarship (later changed to Financial Aid)
  • 7. Finance

2019- June
The OSA appointed Mr. Amer El-Kurdi ’75 as the new UAE Chapter Head.

2019- July
The OSA established its Fundraising and Financial Aid departments.

2020- July
The OSA appointed the following Deputy Chapter Heads:
Firas Abdullah Shayif '07 for KSA - Jeddah
Mr. Abdullah Marafie '06 for Kuwait
Mr. Shaheen Shaheen '07 For Bahrain

2023- March
The OSA held its Gulf Reunion in Dubai on March 5, 2023, after a two-year absence.

2023- April
The OSA appointed Mrs. Grace Badr ’03 as new OSA KSA- Riyadh Deputy Chapter Head.

2023- July
The OSA is looking forward to celebrating its much anticipated 29th International Convention in Brummana on July 7 & 8, 2023, where we will be celebrating the school’s 150th anniversary as well.

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