Reunion party for the Class of 2007
on Dec 29 2018

On Saturday December 29th, 2018, the OSA hosted a reunion party for the Class of 2007 at the OSA House in Brummana. More than 40 students, teachers and administrators reunited and shared stories of their time at BHS while enjoying drinks and snacks.

Mrs. Serene Musallam Farah, the General Manager of the OSA and an Old Scholar, welcomed the Class of 2007 and all the guests to the OSA House, and discussed the importance of staying connected to both BHS and the OSA. This was followed by a sentimental speech by outgoing Principal Dr. Walid Khoury, and a speech by Ms. Aline Alam, who was the class’s Math teacher at the timer.
We were delighted to see members of the class of 2007 step up and share their fondest memories of BHS and their latest news and updates with all the attendees – it was truly heart-warming.

The Class of 2007 then cut a cake to commemorate the 11th anniversary of their graduation from BHS and enjoyed the rest of the night with their friends and teachers.

If your class would like to have a reunion or a small get-together but you don’t know where to start or don’t have the time to plan, we are more than ready to help you plan, prepare, and execute a fantastic reunion at the OSA House, so please call us on 04-964454 for details.

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