OSA's 10th RT on Dancing Your Way To The Fountain Of Youth
on Mar 28 2019
Dear All,

Please join us on Thursday, March 28th, 2019 at the OSA House at 12:00 pm for the 10th Round Table/Panel Discussion with our host Old Scholar Mr. Sam Makarem. 

Mr. Makarem graduated from BHS in 1967 and went on to study Business Administration at AUB and Haigazian University before working in diverse fields such as Industrial Development, Real Estate and Finance. 

Mr. Makarem has been an avid sportsman all his life, playing basketball, skiing and swimming amongst other sports, but his true passion has always been music and dance. He started appreciating music and dance before he was 10 years old and today, he is an expert in all dance forms and gives classes in various dance styles, even travelling around the world to participate in dance events and competitions.
In this session, Mr. Makarem will take the attendees through the scientifically proven benefits of dancing vis-a-vis both mental and physical health, as well as the role of dancing in promoting longevity and better quality of life. He will also explain the different dance types and what dance type suits each individual personality.

Mr. Makarem will end the session with a  dance lesson, so get your dancing shoes ready! 
Old Scholars and friends of Old Scholars who are interested in attending this session should kindly register by either sending an email to [email protected] or by calling 04-964454. 

Please book in advance!
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