Condolences for Mr. John Kirkbright
on Nov 02 2020
Dear All,
We have received the news of the passing away of Mr. John Kirkbright – former BHS teacher and Waldmeir Housemaster – with tremendous sorrow.
John Kirkbright was a much loved mentor and teacher to most of us, and a great friend to all.
He arrived to Lebanon from the UK for his first teaching job at BHS in 1964 and quickly fell in love with the country and the school.
During his seven years at BHS, he was a beloved English teacher and Housemaster to many students and kept in touch with them throughout the years.
John was fascinated with the Quaker principles he learned at BHS - especially the principle of ‘that of God in every man’ – which has stayed with him all his life.
He always used to say that BHS and its students had a very special place in his heart and was an active supporter for the BHS Old Scholars Association.
During his time in the UAE, I appointed him as the OSA’s Gulf Coordinator and he was instrumental in assisting me to maintain a strong network of Old Scholars in the Gulf region. He also helped out with fundraising and networking events, promoted and supported the annual OSA International Convention, as well as wrote for – and proofread – BHS OSA yearbooks.
In all the articles he wrote for the BHS OSA yearbooks over the years, he would share life lessons and valuable advice for future BHS generations, such as the following: “You are never too old to learn. Climb out of your box and learn something new, and if it can be of benefit to others, start now please”.
John returned back to the North East of England to be close to his family on October 12, 2020 after spending several weeks in hospital in Dubai. He passed away peacefully in his sleep at 00.50 on November 1, All Saints Day.
John leaves behind 3 nieces: Grace, Pauline and Yvonne, his brother-in-law John, 4 great nieces, 1 great nephew, 2 great-great nephews and 1 great-great niece.
We will miss his ever–present smile and fun antidotes as well as his passionate work for the Brummana High School Old Scholars Association.
May his soul rest in eternal peace.
For those who wish to pay their condolences, please find below the contact information for John Kirkbright’s nieces:
Pauline’s email: [email protected]
Yvonne’s email: [email protected]
Grace’s email: [email protected]
Nazih Khattar ‘66

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