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OSA Fundraising Department Update
on Apr 16 2024

Dear All,

In accordance with the OSA’s mission to promote, support and protect the welfare of Brummana High School and make it thrive - and in an effort to uphold our main objective of continuously providing financial support to our beloved school – the OSA has hired two new members for the OSA Fundraising Department: Ms. Nadine Farchoukh Akkaoui and Ms. Rosie Zeinoun, in the roles of Fundraising Manager and Development Manager, respectively.

Both Nadine and Rosie have extensive experience and know-how in the field of fundraising and with their expertise, dedication, and fresh perspectives, we are confident that we will be able to strengthen our fundraising efforts and fulfill our mission.

Nadine and Rosie will be reporting to Mr. Riad Barraj, the Chairman of the OSA Fundraising Committee, and have been tasked to contact each and every one of you in due course.

We appreciate your cooperation and unwavering support towards Nadine and Rosie so that they can help us achieve our goal of supporting the school, its students, teachers, staff and community.

Please join me in welcoming Ms. Nadine Farchoukh Akkaoui and Ms. Rosie Zeinoun to our team.

I Serve,
Nazih Khattar ‘66

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