on Nov 18 2019
On November 18, 2019 a BHS Old Scholars Association delegation headed by BHS OSA President Nazih Khattar '66, and consisting of Member of the Board of Trustees Khalid Saab '64, KSA Chapter Head Riad Barraj '70 and former BHS English teacher and Housemaster John Kirkbright, paid a 3-day visit to Kuwait to strengthen the network of Old Scholars in the region and to discuss fundraising opportunities for the recently established Financial Aid Program and Endowment Fund. Old Scholar and BoT member Nabil Al Mulla '68, graciously hosted a dinner at his residence in honor of the visiting delegation, and the dinner was attended by 14 OSA Members of the Kuwaiti Chapter. It was encouraging to see that five young BHS Old Scholars attended the dinner and volunteered to support and promote the BHS OSA network, while pledging their commitment to participate in future OSA activities. Old Scholar Manaf AlHamad '71, also hosted the delegation at his residence,where the attendees discussed BHS OSA activities including readiness to contribute to the endowment Fund. The trip ended with a delightful lunch at the residence of Old Scholar Rached Al Shawwa '73 .

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