Raised by the BHS Motto
on Feb 10 2017

Raised by the BHS Motto

If it weren’t for the motto ‘I Serve’, I wouldn’t be where I am today. Growing up in BHS has changed me from an innocent young girl to an understanding lady. From the day I enrolled in school at the age of 3, I began learning Quaker values that got imprinted in my soul as I proceeded academically.

Not only does BHS teach students the basics, but it challenges every student to be the best they can, both socially and academically. I have never seen any school that would give their students this much and actually invite them to create shows, groups and to perform.

Today, I am studying journalism at the Danish School of Media and Journalism in Aarhus, after graduating from BHS 2 years ago. It is surprising how much my school has inspired me to grow and excel in my skills.  I doubt I would have had the journalistic skills I possess today, had it not been for all my English teachers who pushed me to write with feelings.
Mrs. Randa Hassan from Secondary I and Mr. Gebran Mezher from Secondary III to name a few.

Not only did my school education help me succeed worldwide, but I was also able to work at a local Lebanese newspaper, An-Nahar, at the ages of 18 and 19, which stands by itself as an achievement I am proud of.

I remember going everyday to school and sitting by the ledge talking to my friends about our daily homework or our plans for the weekend, now if I pass by my campus I recognize its beauty and charm. 

One of my best memories at BHS, was running for May Queen 2014. From the day I began watching the May Festival, I would look up at all the fascinating ladies who would stand up on stage looking gorgeous. As I kept watching festival after festival for 15 years, it was my turn to take the stage.  It was literally an experience of a lifetime that seems like a dream to me now. The thrill you feel when they announce your name to walk down the steps was indescribable, then you begin to see a huge crowd, loud and happy to see you, which would make your heart grow. It is funny how such a small sand court can turn into a life of festivities and talents.

It is an honour to tell people that I graduated from a school like Brummana High School. This school gave me strength, courage, integrity and grace. This school taught me that if you want something, you need to work for it. This school gave me a support system and a network of teachers that I will never forget, but always miss.

All my memories are synced in every corner of the school from the once Kindergarten Building, which is now the Boarding Building to the Science Building, where I ended my school years. As I was on vacation last March, I decided that I must pass by BHS after being away for so long. It was tranquil, something I haven’t felt in a long time. The breeze was so fresh I just had to stay and reminiscent every experience I went through during my years as a student.

BHS, I miss you.

Demi Korban ’14

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