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The Brummana High School Old Scholars Association (BHS OSA) brings together the School’s former students of different ages, backgrounds and interests under the School’s motto “I SERVE. The OSA is dedicated to promoting and advancing the School’s interests, and keeping old scholars connected to the School and to each other. Today, the Association unites thousands of members across the globe.
The BHS OSA, through continuous networking, allows members to stay connected with each other and the school by a series of social activities, class reunions, regional chapter meetings, online services and an annual International Convention that is held on the school premises every summer.
Join us at the OSA's General Assembly on July 6 at the BHS Meeting House as part of the 30th OSA...
Dear All, As a follow up to my last circular Issue # 198, about the 30th OSA International...
Dear All, I am pleased to inform you that the OSA will be holding its much anticipated 30th...
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